Lavenham Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Clinic - A combined Chinese and Western approach to relieve your pain
Conditions Treated

Examples of conditions treated at the clinic include:

  • Back pain
  • Sciatic pain
  • Neck pain, e.g. Whiplash, Degenerative Joint Condition, muscular strain
  • Shoulder pain, e.g. Frozen Shoulder, Inpingement Syndrome
  • Arm pain caused by e.g. "trapped nerve"
  • Elbow pains, e.g. Tennis/Golf Elbow
  • Wrist pains, e.g. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Hip pains, e.g. Osteoarthritis, Bursitis
  • Knee pains, e.g. Osteoarthritis, Tendinitis, Patellar Tracking Dysfunction, various knee injuries
  • Ankle pains, e.g. sprain
  • Rehabilition after operations or fractures

I also treat headaches, tightness and stiffness around the neck and shoulder area due to tension.

Examples of What Patients Say

"Over the years I have tried many therapies for my back pain, but this is the first time I have had prolonged relief, no analgesics since my second visit. The treatment Hua has given me and the advice on how to manage my back pain have given me a new lease of life, from lifting, getting in and out of the car, her knowledge is extensive. Time taken with explanation and how to do the exercises I found very good. Thank you very much." Dr. Peter Bisson, Preston St. Mary.

"To have a neurological physiotherapist with such knowledge is invaluable. Her enthusiasm for her work and the encouragement that she gives to her patients is incredible. Her attention to detail is second to none, especially when giving acupuncture." Dr. Lin Berwick MBE, Sudbury.
"I am writing to let you know how successful your treatment of my frozen shoulder and persistent headaches has been. I came to your clinic last February. I carried out all your exercises for the frozen shoulder. My shoulder is now perfect. Also my headaches gradually melted away and for the last two months I have not had to take aspirin or any other painkiller of any type. Hurrah. Many thanks." Heather Gray, Lindsey. 
"I found Hua a very sensitive and intuitive professional practitioner. It was the best treatment for my back that I have had over the last 20 years. Hua also advised me how to continue to care for my own back with exercises that have helped enormously. I am so glad she is here in Lavenham." Lesley Morrison, Sudbury.

"I chose Hua's clinic because I wanted to find someone who practises genuine Chinese Acupuncture. Hua's professionalism both, in this field and as a physiotherapist impressed me and has done much to improve my problematic shoulder and lower back. I found the Acupuncture a soothing experience and wonderfully relaxing. Hua's enthusiasm and guidance are inspirational. Her charges are very reasonable and I would be happy to recommend her." Sylvia Rawlings, Nayland.

"I came to the clinic in pain with a condition that doctors advised me may improve over a period of months. Within a few short weeks of treatment I was 100% cured." Martin Render, Glemsford.

"Hua's holistic approach to advice and treatment has given me relief from back ache I have suffered for 20 years. Being free from pain is the greatest recommendation I can make." Wendy Armstrong, Preston St. Mary.

"Following a very painful and disabling shoulder dislocation Hua's excercises and acupuncture treatment have effected a complete cure. At my age (70's) I was not at all sure, at first, that this would be possible. I am very grateful to her." Barbara Crawford, Bildeston.

"Free from the pain of back ache I thought I would always have! Hua's guidance of exercises, patience and acupuncture treatments have empowered me to help myself. I am now better physically, mentally and emotionally. I am so grateful". Lauren Stannard, Sudbury.

"After bad experiences with two other physiotherapists I was so relieved to find Hua who talked me through my problems not only physically but emotionally as well. After 3 sessions I was well on the road to recovery and will definitely go back to her again if I need to. I have every faith in her". Kathy Fry, Lavenham.

"Hua helped me enormously when I broke four ribs which I thought were bruised. She told me to go to hospital or a doctor as she was so professional that she wouldn't treat me until a proper diagnosis was made. So now a couple of months on I am going back to continue what she had so expertly started". Jean, Long Melford

"I have had pain in both elbows for the past 2 years, to the point of not to be able to hold a mug of tea, or a book until I finally decided to go see Hua.

Hua is very professional, acute in her diagnostics and will take time to listen. With a regular exercise routine to follow, a few sessions of Chinese massage and ultrasounds, I managed to totally get back to normal and FREE of pain. I tried acupuncture but did not feel comfortable so we did all the sessions with the ultrasounds and Chinese acupressure and the results were extremely positive.

We are so fortunate to have such a qualified Physiotherapist and Chinese Acupuncture practitioner in our village of Lavenham". Martine Crepy, Lavenham.

"I would recommend Lavenham Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Clinic. A thorough examination and good explanations given of diagnosis. A warm, friendly and welcoming clinic." Shirley Denby, Lavenham.

"My problems are caused by a degeneration of joints therefore my initial expectations for improvement were low. Mrs Sands, however, through her patience and explanations, soon overcame my cynicism. She has shown me how exercise and forethought about how I perform tasks, can be utilised to manage my condition. Thank you for improved mobility and less aches and pains. It appears that an old dog can be taught new tricks." Tony Arnold, Old Newton.

"Hua helped me so much with understanding how to help my back, so now I hear Hua's voice in head whatever I'm doing, so not to do silly things to affect my back, and no matter how busy I am to do the exercises as they really do help." Barbara Cole, Great Waldingfield.

"When I was hit by unexpected and incapacitating muscle tension, Hua's analysis and remedial exercises had immediate effect and continue to do so. They have shown the importance of preparing your body for future years, not just in dealing with today's problems." Chris Trim, Boxted.

"When I first visited Hua I was experiencing considerable pain in my left knee despite visits to other professionals. Hua immediately identified a possible source of the discomfort. After a series of exercises my situation is much improved". Sue Arnold, Stowmarket.

"I visited Hua on the recommendation of a friend as I had an inflamed sacroiliac joint and had difficulty walking. Hua's gentle and sympathetic treatment, together with her recommended exercises, helped enormously. She has treated a number of my friends and has a devoted following!" C. Callaghan, Bildeston.

"When I fell off a ladder Hua fully understood my pain and lack of movement in my shoulder and explained the problem to me in a manner that I could understand. Following her advice, acupuncture, and of course exercises, it may have taken some months to repair, but I am pleased that my shoulder is now 99% back to where it was before the accident. I would recommend Hua for her calm understanding and diagnosis of my problem and eventual cure." John Newton, Monks Eleigh.

"I was free from hand and shoulder pain. Hua treats you both mentally and physically. You leave each session feeling not only free from pain, but feeling good about youself. Thank you Hua." Susan Munden, Lawshall.

"After only being offered pills/medication for the ache in my hip and groin I came to you and following your procedures and exercises my future wellbeing has improved immensely. Derek Allen, Lavenham.

"An holistic approach which addresses lifestyle, not just a "sticky plaster" that temporarily covers up the symptoms". Rosemary Buchanan, Little Waldingfield.

"More than a consultation. Knowledge and empathy are presented together to provide a personalised and effective treatment." Keith, near Lavenham.

"I have suffered with arthritis in my spine, particularly in my neck and lumbar regions for approximately 30 years, over which time the condition has gradually worsened. Recently, Mrs. Sands offered to help me by performing acupuncture and mild physiotherapy. Having had similar treatment in the past, which had not worked, I was somewhat sceptical about the outcome. However, after four sessions of acpuncture, I was absolutely amazed at the result. I now have an increased range of movement in both the affected areas, and my pain level had diminished to the extent that I now no longer have to take so many analgesics to relieve my pain.

I shall now be ever grateful to Mrs. Sands, for what she has done for me and I would emphasise that throughout the therapy sessions she showed much compassion, understanding and gentleness.

I would have no hesitation at any time to recommed Mrs. Sands to anybody suffering pain, soreness and restricted movement in any part of their body. Her knowledge and understanding has certainly worked wonders for me, and I am sure it will be the same for anyone else." Nigel Wilkinson, Cockfield.

"The aches and pains are definitely more managable with the treatment and exercises that Hua has implemented. Thanks for all your help. Also refreshing to know that the sessions are not money orientated but just enough to assist in one's well being." Jeff, Acton.

"Hua provided unique and personal guidance with unprecendented patience and time to enable me to cope mentally and physically with pain. I am emotionally in a far stronger and better place." Elizabeth Sharkey, Newton Green.

"I have experienced intermittent neck issues since commencing academic studies in the early 1990s. Over the years I have sought treatment from other practitioners with limited success. I am so grateful that I have found you and your business in my local community! I found your approach to be professional, enthusiastic, energetic, caring and I really appreciated how much time you spent listening to me. I like the way you integrate skills from Physiotherapy and Chinese Medicine to treat in a holistic way.

I have found your sessions to be beneficial for my neck as there is more movement, and a more comfortable feeling. The exercises that you taught me have been easy to assimilate into me everyday routine and also my gym programme. I also found the acupuncture to be incredibly relaxing. Your fees are very reasonable for the high value of therapy you offer". Ben Holden, Rattlesden.

"My intractable back and stomach muscle pains were much improved by Hua's physical treatments and strict regime of progressive exercises, but the greatest benefit resulted from her extremely perceptive and very reassuring analysis of my worries and resultant tensions. Her skills, empathy and understanding combine with powerful synergy, and I benefitted enormously from the treatment sessions." P.R., Woodbridge.

Please ring or e-mail me if you have any problems I can help you with.
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